Jumbly SingAlong Sing Along, your personal 24 hour-a-day accompanist. It will play at the speed you want on your choice of organ or piano.
Singing on your own or with friends; indoor or outdoor; night or day.
All lyrics and keyboard actions are displayed on screen.
Song library currently contains over 1000 titles.
Full Song List
Jumbly SpinWord Spin the reels and use the available nudges to make 4 or 5 letter words.
YouTube video
Jumbly Bagatelle Build your own tables by placing the pins and scores, then drop 10 balls in to your creation.
Jumbly Tarot Shuffle and spin the cards while you think about a question. Then deal to be shown the answer!
Jumbly Simple Book Keeping Keep a track of your cash and bank/card, and get an instant view of your available funds.
View and Email all entered transactions
Jumbly Recycle Items are put on the conveyor belt.
All you have to do is press the right button at the right time to push the right items in to the right bins... Right?
Jumbly Boxes Join the dots, complete as many boxes as you can to win.
Play against the computer or a friend.
Jumbly DogPoo Your fence is broken, next door's dog is in your garden leaving little messages on your beautiful lawn... Throw them back!
YouTube video
Jumbly Ghost Hunter Pro Monitors your phone or tablet sensors, giving a graphical display.
All readings can be recorded to a CSV file ready for spreadsheet analysis.
The recorded data can be emailed to yourself, or others.
Jumbly GhostDetector Uses your devices magnetic sensor to display field strength in the X, Y and Z axis, and the total.
(Maths bit: Total is the square root of the sum of the squares of the X, Y and Z).
The stronger the field, the more ghosts!
Jumbly Diabetic Disovery Sheet Monitor your food intake and Blood Sugar Levels during the day.
Compare your daily figures.
Email the data as a CSV file to yourself for use in a spreadsheet.
Jumbly Jordan Jasmin Robin Jordan and Jasmine are throwing sweets to their friend Robin.
Busses turn sweets to presents, but police cars turn them in to brussel sprouts.
A point for each sweet Robin catches, 2 for each present...Sprouts take a point from you!

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